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Body Re-education and Alignment

Kathy Goodman

BodyWise Yoga Studio has been in business since 1982. BodyWise is a comprehensive yoga studio, offering state of the art instruction in yoga postures, lectures on yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, and bodywork. Its director and principal teacher is Kathleen Dugle Goodman. Kathy is highly trained and experienced both as a yoga teacher and as a bodyworker and continues to study ways to improve her teaching. She has traveled twice to India to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, is certified to teach Iyengar yoga, and is certified in Myo-Facial Release and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. She has spent over thirty years evolving a gentle method of opening and changing the body in a way that is harmonious with the individual’s growth process. All teachers at BodyWise are chosen for their ability to work with students in this respectful way. All have a minimum of twenty years experience teaching and practicing Iyengar yoga. BodyWise is proud of its lecture series FOUNDATIONS, which offers ongoing lectures and group discussion of yoga philosophy. BodyWise offers a variety of weekend workshops, including Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Your Back, Couples Yoga, Healing Touch, Yoga and the Emotions, Improving Menopause, and workshops focused on inversions, backward bending, forward extensions, breathing, and restorative poses.


Iyengar Yoga Association
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