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Special Classes, Session, and Seminars
Classes offered when list of students builds.
Most classes on weekends - Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Dyad Meditation

2 Hours and 15 minutes, $20
Robin Nichols, who has decades of training and experience in this special form of interactive meditation, called Dyads, leads our intermittently scheduled meditation sessions. In the past, we have focused on "Saucha", the first of the Niyamas, which is the personal practice of purification of body, mind, speech and behavior.  Participants were amazed at their results!  Another recent focus was "Love".  Participants find the process simple and yet profound, transformative, illuminating and useful.

Sanskrit Class

Two hour Classes
Offered at times with an excellent scholar from India; please call Studio.

Myo-Facial Release

MyoFascial Release helps improve the condition of the fascia, the body's connective tissue. Since fascia does not show up on Xrays, its influence on health was not readily understood before this technique was developed. John Barnes, a physical therapist who had sports injuries developed MyoFascial Release in the 80's because traditional physical therapies were unable help him. MFR involves deep tissue pressure and movement, re-education, and can include Cranio-Sacral Therapy (see below).

Kathy blends MyoFascial work with Iyengar Yoga to help the body more fully release non-beneficial patterns. Her technique includes re-educating her clients so they understand and participate in correcting their alignment.This whole approach results in the very best gains for the client, in the most cost-effective and timely way.

John Barnes: http://www.myofascialrelease.com/fascia_massage/public/default.asp

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy balances the cerebro-spinal fluid system. Using a subtle sensitive touch on the bones of the cranium and the sacrum, this therapy induces deep states of calm and deep relaxation, removing many body complaints. Cranio Sacral Therapy was developed by a brilliant osteopath, Dr. John Upledger, in the 1970's, and is one of the new, extremely effective types of bodywork available today.

Dr. John Upledger: http://upledger.com/

FOUNDATIONS FOUNDATIONS is a lecture-discussion series that explores the meaning of age-old wisdom from the heart of India. Developed at BodyWise in 1999 by instructor Robin Nichols and Kathleen Goodman, these lively discussion groups are offered various times in the year. Former topics include: The Yamas and the Niyamas, The Yoga Sutras and How To Deepen Your Yoga Practice.
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